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Shaquille Samuel Henry is a writer regarded as one that diverges into his own lane and style, bound by no rules or limit. He describes writing as an art to express individuality in the manner that is not conquerable or denounced by anyone else. He is loyal in promoting the message of free will and individuality; that we are not bound by imperial justifications or imposed societal thinking and norms. Many of his work circle the surface of the African American inner rural cities and condition, the rise and fall of their daily lives and struggles, self love and the more definite meaning of what it is to love, ones journey through himself, and many more topics engulfed in a wide painting of imagery and lengthy story telling. He is committed to his work and spreading the art of writing and music to the youth as a gateway to branch their feelings and individuality to the world that makes use of their creativity. He hopes to one day screen write, venture into acting and more passionately, tour the world and perform with his dabbling into rap and hip hop all while spreading his love and appreciation for writing and the arts.