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Linda Lombri

Linda Lombri is a card-carrying member of the “Why Not” generation (a.k.a. “The Baby Boomers”). Linda has been the Marketing Communications Director at a Fortune 500 paper and packaging company. She’s been a test kitchen home economist, a teacher, a consumer affairs representative, an educational writer and editor, a project manager, a needlework craft expert, a small business entrepreneur, a corporate marketing communications director, a green packaging marketer, and a freelance communications specialist, magazine writer and Vegan cookbook editor. She’s worked for Fortune 500 companies in the food, fashion and consumer packaging industries, and served business clients from a variety of markets in her own business.
Linda heads Lombri Writes! - a marketing communications firm. She is writing "Tapestry & Patchwork: A Family History Sampler". Linda graduated from CUNY’s Queens College in 1968 and earned her M.S. degree in Design from Drexel University three years later. She lives in Montclair with her daughter, a college junior.